Set up new baerlog with ghost running on openshift

Hi folks,

I'm pretty thrilled. I just set up this blog with ghost running on openshift.

Sounds easy to those familiar with this stuff, but for me it's all new. Before last christmas holidays, I didn't know anything about node.js and it took a few days to get familiar with it. I'll probably tell more about this later.

However, through node.js I discovered a lot of awesome stuff, ghost and openshift for example. You actually don't have to know anything about node.js to set up ghost on openshift.

Setup steps

  1. First I created an account on Openshift Online, a hosted PaaS service free of charge for some minimum features - awesome - enough to run three applications.
  2. Installed ghost as application which is available as community created preconfigured application
  3. This is of course optional, just needed if you want to have your own domainname instead of e.g.
    Configured the alias for my application and set the CNAME forwarding at my DNS provider.
  4. I actually did this before, but if you don't have git installed, install it now.
  5. Clone your project locally
  6. change mail settings in config.js and variable url setting it to my own domain - the last one only necessary if using CNAME forwarding - otherwise some links will link to the rhcloud domain instead of the alias domain.

For the openshift steps there is a pretty cool Getting Started Guide

Have fun!

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